Hi, I'm Varad Bhogayata.

Self-driven, quick starter, passionate programmer with a curious mind who enjoys solving a complex and challenging real-world problems.


I am a Computer Science Grad Student at Arizona State University. I enjoy problem-solving and coding. Always strive to bring 100% to the work I do. I have worked on technologies like Python, Django, Flask, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS, Java, C++ during my bachelor's. I have 19 months of professional work experience which helped me strengthen my experience in Python, Flask, and Django. I am passionate about developing complex applications that solve real-world problems impacting millions of users.

  • Languages: Python, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, HTML/CSS, Bash
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Libraries: NumPy, Pandas, OpenCV
  • Frameworks: Flask, Django, Node.js, Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Bootstrap, Apache Beam
  • Tools & Technologies: Git, Docker, AWS, GCP, Heroku, JIRA

Looking for an opportunity to work in a challenging position combining my skills in Software Engineering, which provides professional development, interesting experiences and personal growth.


Software Engineer
  • Developed and managed the backend of an e-commerce platform using Flask, MongoDB, and AWS.
  • Worked on three web applications targeting customers, selling vendors, and admin users; built 50+ RESTful APIs with functionalities such as login/sign up, view a product, add a product to cart, checkout the order, etc.
  • Improved the response time by 20% by refactoring the codebase and changing database design and queries.
  • Added a bulk upload feature which reduced the manual work of adding products into a database.
  • Tools: Python, Flask, MongoDB
July 2020 - Nov 2020 | Hyderabad, India
Programmer Analyst
  • Customized a tree-based optimization algorithm that separates drugs into distinct groups to maximize the concurrent execution of drug dispenser robots; improved an optimization algorithm that reduced the cycle-time of the automation process by 25%.
  • Devised a customized recursion algorithm to extend the functionality of the current environment to a multi-robot and multi-system environment
  • Built a modular video analytics app using Flask, OpenCV that tracks the location of each human in a multi-camera environment; utilized perspective transformation, object detection, and object tracking to find the location of a human.
  • Increased the speed of the video analytics app by 20% by using a customized YOLOv3 algorithm to perform object detection and DeepSORT algorithm for multi-object tracking.
  • Tools: Python, Flask, OpenCV, Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch
Dec 2018 - July 2019 | Ahmedabad, India
Software Developer
  • Programmed a cloud-based web app using Flask and JavaScript aimed at storing, visualizing, and tracking temperature and humidity of each drug container to estimate the degradation of the drug.
  • Created an alert system to send notifications and emails when the parameters exceed the threshold.
  • Tools: Python, Flask, JavaScript
July 2018 - Nov 2018 | Ahmedabad, India
Project Trainee
  • Designed a library management system for a local library, where we undertook activities like requirement elicitation, preparing Data Flow and Entity-Relationship diagrams.
  • Delivered a solution for a POC involving Automatic Financial Document Classifier using Natural Language Processing and Support Vector Machines with 96% accuracy on the company‚Äôs data.
  • Tools: Python, Scikit-learn, NLTK
June 2017 - July 2017 | Ahmedabad, India


music streaming app
Music Player Web-App

A music streaming web app based on Django

  • Tools: Django, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SQLite, AWS S3, Heroku
  • Register/login to the web app(with OAuth-based Google Sign-In).
  • Search and filter songs based on language and singer.
  • Create multiple playlists and add/remove songs to/from playlist.
  • Scroll through recently played/viewed songs.
quiz app
Quiz Web-App

A quiz playing web app based on Django

  • Tools: Django, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SQLite, Heroku
  • Register/login to the web app(with OAuth-based Google Sign-In).
  • Play Quiz and see the leaderboard
Screenshot of web app
Blog Web-App

A simple and extensible blog web-app based on Flask.

  • Tools: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Postgresql, Python
  • Users can view posts and contact the admin via Contact Page.
  • Admin can Add, Delete, Update posts.
Screenshot of  web app
Visual Question Answering

An attention-based classification model that aims at generating an answer for a given input image.

  • Incorporated Convolution Neural Networks (CNN) for extracting image features and Long Short Term Memory for extracting question embeddings.
  • Tested the model on the COCO dataset, abstract scenes images, and got 69% overall accuracy on the VQA evaluation metric.
Screenshot of  web app
Video Summarizer

A Seq2Seq model that generates a short summary of the given input video.

  • Incorporated CNN to detect and classify objects in the video frames and Long Short Term Memory for generating a summary.
  • Evaluated the model on MSVD (Microsoft Video Description Corpus) dataset; achieved 0.77, 0.71, 0.52 scores respectively on ROGUE, BLEU, METEOR evaluation metrics.
Screenshot of  web app
Image Generator

An image generator based on the concept of adversarial networks (GANs)

  • Developed system was tested on a human-face database and loss was calculated by comparing the PCAs of generated and original image.
  • Calculated difference in PCA was less than 10%, depicting the successful generation of an image by the generator.
Screenshot of  web app
Head Counting System

A system that calculates the attendance of the class from a panoramic image of a live classroom.

  • Used Singular Value Decomposition for image compression; applied various image processing techniques and morphological operations to detect the number of heads.


Languages and Databases

Shell Scripting








Arizona State University

Tempe, USA

Degree: Master of Science in Computer Science
CGPA: 4.0/4.0

    Relevant Courseworks:

    • Distributed Database Systems
    • Cloud Computing
    • Foundations of Algorithms

School of Engineering and Applied Science, Ahmedabad University

Ahmedabad, India

Degree: Bachelor of Technology in Information and Communication Technology
CGPA: 3.13/4.33

    Relevant Courseworks:

    • Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Database Management Systems
    • Operating Systems
    • Machine Learning
    • Computer Vision